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Good-Bye Paris...Hellooooo Cozy Cottage!

Updated: Apr 19


These clients wanted to refresh their guest room that had sported a Parisian theme for the last 13 years, but was due for a change.


This black and white theme had it's day and reminded them of their travels to Paris, but now they yearned for warmth and colour, vintage and antiques - and an all-round cozy, comfy and inviting feel...all on a budget.

We took a week to design, shop and put this guest room together. From the initial design to personal shopping, sewing to placement, it all came together beautifully - and for only $900 in new product and materials. We even managed to sell some of the items she didn't need anymore and brought in an extra $300 to go towards their new purchases!

​The client had many pleasant memories of a childhood cottage in Turkey Point in the 70's and 80's and was hoping to recreate the charm and coziness of times gone by. So, we went to the local antique markets and our BOUTIQUE and she was very excited when we found a vintage chenille blanket that reminded her of her childhood bed at her cottage, plus a piece of art that tugged at her heartstrings....a drawing of a cottage typical of the Turkey Point cottages in the 1970's. Plus, a piece of art that reminded all of us of an east coast fishing village, which inspired the colour scheme for the room - yellow, red and blue accents, popping on a neutral palette.


We purchased a new, striped duvet cover and then custom-made all of the pillows on the bed, bench and chair, as well as the drapery and the bed runner. The art, accents and baskets were all purchased at antique stores and vintage shops and from local artists.

Here is a look at what changes we made in the room:

  • Chalk painted the antique Duncan Phyfe dresser blue

  • Chalk painted the little desk and chair red

  • Ordered fabric and custom-made the pillows on the bed, bench and chair, as well as the bed runner and drapery

  • Through our personal shopping service found all of the art in antique and vintage shops

  • Purchased new lamps - hanging a black and gold modern barrel ceiling light, plus adding a vintage wall lamp and a beautiful glass night stand lamp for reading

  • Painted and hung wood chair rail, added hooks

  • Reorganized the closet, bench, wardrobe and baskets to accommodate extra bedding and space for the guests' belongings

  • Made the hanging cross-stitch

  • Added accent pieces and accessorized

  • Purchased new bed pillows and a bed skirt

  • Purchased an antique wood accent chair and made custom pillows, to compliment the bedding for a cozy feel

  • Added books for the guests to read and a crystal dish for safe keeping of their jewelry

  • Added a faux fur and pillows on the old trunk we found in the basement, for a cozy spot to relax, read, enjoy a tea, etc.

The room turned out beautifully! The room is cozy and charming, with an east coast cottage-feel that invites the guests to come in, relax and rejuvenate....all done within a week for under their $1000.00 budget - for new purchases and materials! Our clients loved it so much, they were tempted to sleep in this room now, instead of their master bedroom!

To follow our YouTube video channel, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for reading!

Wishing you all things that bring you joy!


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