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positive attitude
is contagious
and effort
and performance outstanding.


"What an amazingly talented woman!

Beth has so much energy and I am always
amazed at her
creative skills.


"Tremendous drive
and compassion...

and a work ethic
that is



"Excellence In Creative Inspiration"

"There are few stores that combine creative talent and superb customer service
with reasonable prices - but Nest & Co does just that!
Beth Hudson, the owner & creative guru behind it all- makes the design process fun and functional
with her down to earth bubbly personality and excellence in creative inspiration.

She's one of a kind that truly excels in her craft."

Susan, London, Ontario

"Amazingly Talented!"

"Amazingly talented! 
So much energy, an expert in creative work. I am always amazed at Beth's creative skills."

Moira S., London, Ontario

"A Pleasure to Work With"

"Recently I downsized from a large home to a three bedroom bunga-loft.
After a house visit, they created design plans for each room
and proceeded with furniture and fabric suggestions.
Beth is very professional and a good listener.
She placed the orders and everything was delivered in a timely fashion...
a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate
to call her for any future decorating plans!"

Bev S., Burlington, Ontario

"A Keen Sense of Design"

"Beth Hudson is a very experienced Interior Designer...

 She is very professional and has a keen sense of design.
Beth makes herself available to talk to or meet with me every step of the way
to really understand the look and feel you want.
She oversees a new design or remodel from start to finish
and is very particular about details.
Beth helped me by providing options and creative ideas.
I can highly recommend...and wouldn't hesitate to use NEST+CO again in the future!"

Alice T., Burlington, Ontario

"Amazing At What She Does"

"I've seen Beth put their magic to work and she is amazing at what she does!

She knows how to put a design together - down to every little detail.

She cares about her clients wants and needs and will make any design project
while still keeping it very stylish.
I also purchased her handmade candles and they smell amazing!

They add a nice decor touch to my rooms as well..."

Kathleen J,  Hamilton, Ontario

"Received more than I invested"

"Beth has an eye for making everything so clean, elegant and organized!

You know you have something special when you feel you received more value than you invested!"

Paul G, London, Ontario

"Donating The Proceeds to a Mission"

"I love the beautiful candle that they made and wrapped so nicely...

the Moroccan smell when the candle is lit reminds me of a spice market in Marrakesh...

and they are donating the proceeds from the sales to feed the homeless at the mission.

Does it get any better than this?"


Janice L., Oakville, Ontario

"Results Were Excellent"

"I recently worked with NEST+CO....the results were excellent!

Beth really took the time to listen to my vision and make it come to life.

I will definitely be using their services in the near future!

Terry R., Hamilton, Ontario

"Truly Impressive"

" Beth Hudson's work is truly impressive!

...she really listen to understand your needs and requirements,

and then delivers perfectly on them.

Nest+Co's quality of work is superior, as is their customer service and professionalism.

Excellent all the way!"

Mary B., Burlington, Ontario

"I Would Recommend To Anyone"

"Beth Hudson, the owner  of NEST+CO is a very talented and caring lady.

She definitely knows what she is doing - and I am very satisfied with her work.

I would recommend Beth to anyone. Great job, thanks for all your hard work!"

Martina, Burlington, Ontario

"I Loved Working With Her!"

"I loved working with Beth Hudson!
She is creative and understanding of my needs... I would highly recommend working with NEST+CO!"

Carol F., Sudbury, Ontario

"Dedicated To The Clients They Support"

"... tireless energy and dedication
to the clients they support is more than admirable.
What a power house! I wish Beth well in anything she takes on!"

Kathy T., Burlington, Ontario

"Results Were Bang On"

"Awesome to work with!
Beth took her time getting to know me and what I was looking for before starting down to work.
This was amazing - as her results were then bang on!"

Connie K., Burlington, Ontario

"Highly Recommend"

"...Beth Hudson has an aptitude for understanding others

...paying close attention to your wants and needs....working tirelessly to help.

I would highly recommend her skills and abilities to anyone."

Thomas S., Etobicoke, Ontario

"Fun, Creative and Joyful"

"I instantly felt a wonderful, joyful connection...

with hearts of gold, you can sense Beth has your back.

...very intuitive, as well as creative, picking up on your needs.

Beth helped me in a fun, creative and joyful way.

Thank you for being you, Beth...with your mega-watt smile and generous heart!"

Carol F., Burlington, Ontario

"Diligent and Dedicated"

"Beth Hudson's passion for helping others is evidenced in so many things that she does.
...Her diligence and dedication is most inspiring."

Lianne C., Toronto, Ontario

"Completely In Awe"

"Beth Hudson has an incredible ability to see your vision.

She has incredible talents that can transform your home...and is an expert with colour and style -
making your home comfortable, relaxing and inviting.

Beth is a whiz with graphic design, that will allow you to visually see her ideas transform in front of you. ...Having Beth work with you in any project will leave you completely in awe...

She is not afraid to do the heavy lifting, and will work with you from start to finish.

Beth is very caring and dependable -

you won't regret your decision to have NEST+CO restyle your home!"

Carol H., St George, Ontario

"Incredible Talent"

"...incredible talent for initiating and organizing new concepts and bringing them to fruition."

Eva M., Dundas, Ontario

"Goes Above And Beyond"

"Beth of NEST+CO has a flair for beauty and creativity

and goes above and beyond in all that she does -

she is always know as a get-thing- done-kind-of-girl!."

Stephanie M., Burlington, Ontario

"Really Cares About Their Clients"

"Beth Hudson is very knowledgeable, passionate and really cares about her clients."

Tina K., Milford, Connecticut

"Her Heart Is Big and Her Imagination Is Huge"

"I have never met anyone that can get things done like Beth can! 
She knows what they wants and make it happen.
Her heart is big and her imagination huge."

Debra H., Burlington, Ontario

"A Woman of Integrity"

"Very bright, energetic, compassionate and highly motivated.
She is the ultimate professional; extremely approachable and totally authentic
...loyal, responsible, approachable...a women of integrity."

Mirella Z, Toronto, Ontario