Sachets handmade with doTERRA Essential Oils by NEST+CO Interior Design, Burlington, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario. Found in Hamilton Antique Mall, booth 32F





Expert advice for the DIY-er
or the perfect beginning
of a beautiful relationship

"Truly Impressive"

We can help you create clarity
around what you love...
what brings you joy,
what to keep, what to let go of...

while adding tips, creative ideas
and inspiration along the way.

From paint colours, fabrics,
furniture selection and placement,
to flooring, lighting, wall and window
treatments and accessories...
we have oodles of unique ideas
to help you create the perfect interior
for your home, office,
business, inn, B&B or vacation property.



Expert Advice With Maximum Results

"Fun, Creative and Joyful"


Does your home make you smile,
inspire you and lift you up?

Your home is your
sacred space you turn to relax, connect, regroup.

Style, colour, organization...
it all makes a difference;
affecting your day-to-day
quality of life.

Our designers can help you
create your perfect space,


We have the skills!

Plus, we know the best places to shop
and how to get the most fantastic look
and feel, for your investment.

We don't just design beauty...
we create peace, joy and happiness.


Putting The Joy Back Into Shopping

"An Enjoyable Experience With Excellent Results."


Shopping has never been so fun...
and easy!

With our Designers on-hand

ready to shop,

we can inspire you and assist you
in finding the perfect selection...

furniture, textiles, wall decor, lighting, accessories, flooring and more

while making sure you get
the best bang for your buck.

We can shop with you
or do the shopping for you,
whichever you prefer.

Plus the time and money you save...

well, our services are practically free!

(And, of course...there is a pretty
good chance that wine or cappuccino
may be involved.)

Home Organization

Function. Function. Function.

"Incredible Talent"

We know life can get
crazy-busy at times....

let our designers help you
to de-clutter and re-organize,

so your space doesn't
just function sparkles n' shines!

A de-cluttered home

is like a breath of fresh air.

Are you ready to breathe?

(You can thank us later.)

painted furniture for website.jpg




Breathe new life into that fab piece!

"Such talent!"


Have a fav piece of furniture...
but it needs a little love?

Let us help!
We love to get our hands dirty!

We not only offer our own collection
of stunning refurbished furniture,

but we can also bring new life to yours,
as well.



Original Options Sure To Wow!

"Excellent Work!"


Looking for something different?

We love to create new!

From custom drapery, pillows and bedding to string art, cross-stitch, knitting and weaving,

we create beautiful, artistic touches

that add oodles of style to your space.