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From Daughter's Room...To A Momma's Paradise!


Daughter Is Off To University...So Momma Gets A New Home Office!

With her last daughter off to University and no need for this extra bedroom, this Momma - a creative artist - had high hopes for this blank canvas!

Though she had a home office she shared with her husband, she had always wanted a home studio where she could work in peace and quiet...that was clean and organized, an expression of herself, showcased her work and had a place for everything. A place that inspired. The white walls were perfect, but other than that, everything had to go... She didn't have a vision of what she wanted it to look like, other than to create a space that was both functional and inspiring...bright and warm, and could showcase some of her most valued treasures...and house her art supplies and textiles. We utilized existing dressers, giving them a fresh coat of paint and new knobs, and an existing desk, adding 'tile detail' for some old-world charm, and added a floating shelf to connect them and create an additional work space.

​We used basic bookshelves, but took them apart and added Tommy Bahama fabric to the backs.

We sewed matching pillows to put on the chest that we found in the basement (again, adding a fresh coat of paint), that seconds as a bench for seating.

We framed her photography and artwork, adding some special pieces of art that mean something to her.

We scoured Antique Markets looking for charming additions to the space, organized her books and stored her supplies. We added some modern lighting to elevate the space, and accessorized the bookshelves.

With a lovely collection of accessories, art and books, as well as some of her own art, it was easy to create an inspiring space that reminded this creative Mother of her travels throughout the years to the Mediterranean, and her education and passion for fine art.

Though pulling the carpet and replacing it with hard wood will have to wait a few more months, we decided to get moving and pull the rest of the room together asap. This project only took one week to design, shop and install - and cost less than $800 in materials!

Here is a look at what changes we made in the room:

  • Painted 2 existing dressers black, adding new gold hardware

  • Took apart bookshelves she had in her last office and added Tommy Bahama fabric to the make a dramatic back panel effect

  • Added a colourful 'faux terracotta tile' vinyl strip to the existing desk she had been using, to give it a Mediterranean feel - a clean space to draw, paint, work on her laptop, work on crafts and sew

  • Framed and hung some of our own photography with a mix of art to create a beautiful 'wall art' collection

  • Hung sheer curtains to keep a light feel in the room and let the morning light in

  • Purchased terracotta pots and 'aged' with lime and added lots of new plants, starting cuttings in little glass jars, so she could have endless new plants going forward

  • Organized all of her sewing supplies in the wall organizer behind the desk, so everything has its place

  • Organized all of her knitting and yarn supplies, sewing machine, fabric samples and magazines in the closet

  • Organized all of her other textiles, paint supplies, marketing materials and more, in the dressers

  • Painted the wood trunk (a fantastic find in her basement), perfect for extra seating and storage. Added a faux fur and some custom-made pillows to create a cozy nook for reading and brainstorming, looking out the window with a tea on a rainy day or extra seating for guests

  • Found homes for her carving tools, pastels, markers, drawing pencils, easel, small looms, etc.

  • Found the wicker, vintage hamper at an Antique Market, painted it white (perfect for extra storage)

  • Hung her favorite little pieces of art and displayed her art books and coins that she had collected along her travels on the bookshelves

  • Sewed custom pillows from the Tommy Bahama fabric

  • Organized her paperwork, orders, invoices, booklets, catalogues, receipts, magazines, etc. in 3 places (2 small file cabinets underneath the desk, a wall magazine rack behind the door and organizers in the closet)

  • Hung a new absolutely fantastic modern gold and globe light fixture (adding a dimmer switch to the wall switch), plus added a new modern desk lamp for working on at the desk area

  • Hung a wall shelf over the smaller dresser, connecting the two for a secondary work area, adding a bar metal and wicker stool

  • Accessorized the room with fab finds we picked up at Antique markets and thrift shops such as unique pottery, spools that second as candle holders, wicker baskets, place mats and bowls, wood bowls, etc.

  • Hung a fab antique printer's stamp tray on the wall between the 2 bookshelves to create a symmetrical, clean modern feel

  • Added hooks to hang her mobiles and fabrics samples

  • Added a TV so she could watch her Netflix and YouTube while working for inspiration and learning

  • Added a fantastic Bentwood antique chair and a lovely ladder-back chair with a wicker seat we painted, for extra seating when clients or family drop in to chat

  • We even added one of our own aromatherapy candles for relaxation

As you can see, the results are fantastic and we were thrilled!

Everything has it's place in this room...and though it is filled with all kinds of treasures that mean so much to her, it isn't too busy or cluttered, but instead inspires and breathes...with a perfect place for everything - a place to work, visit, think, read and create!

As much as this Momma misses her girl...she loves her new space to relax and be creative!

To see a video on this room, CLICK HERE.

To follow our Youtube Channel, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for reading! Hope this inspires you to create beauty, working with what you have (Recycle! Upcycle!) and create spaces that are uniquely you!

Wishing you all things that bring you joy!


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